Religion & Science

Response to AWF 2013 Annual Conference Request about Faith and Science

Rev. Dr. Lawson Bryan placed a motion before the 2013 delegates. “I move that the annual conference request that the Conference Board of Church and Society consider holding conversations with the Religion Faculty and the Science Faculty of Huntingdon College for the purpose offering to the 2014 annual conference a list of resources that would be helpful in exploring the relationship between faith and science.” The motion passed.

Members of the Board of Church and Society met with faculty representatives from science and religion departments at Huntingdon College, the only Methodist-affiliated college in the Alabama-West Florida Conference. The consensus was to offer three products. The Board offers these results from its efforts with the College:

  • A document containing a concise summary of current United Methodist doctrine on the relationship between religion and science.
  • An annotated list of selected works that individuals and churches may use for further study.
  • A website with an extensive list of works, maintained by the Huntingdon College Library and available to all in the AWF Conference. (The website also offers the document and the annotated list for download.) The link to the website is

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