Nursery Director


Heritage Church in Enterprise, AL. is seeking a part-time nursery director for its Sunday and Wednesday programs, along with other seasonal events that arise during the year. The nursery director is responsible for supervising children—ensuring their safety, engaging them in nurture and play, and teaching them in a Christian environment—and for maintaining the nursery facility: ensuring that sanitary, safe, and excellent conditions are maintained within the church’s nursery program. Successful applicants must have a love of children, a love of Jesus, experience in child care or teaching, an ability to work well with others, and a desire to be a part of the Heritage Church mission to serve the community by caring for its children. Also, applicants must undergo an interview and background check after turning in their resume and three character references. We would love to have you on the Heritage team! Please contact us using the information below! For more information or to submit a resume and references, email To mail in your resume and references, send them to: Heritage Church 2911 Rucker Blvd. Enterprise, AL. 36330 Any other questions? Call us at 334-347-1991

Contact: Patrick McBride

Address: 2911 Rucker Blvd. Enterprise AL 36330

Phone: 334-347-1991