Glory Sightings: Evangelizing Communities in Bibb County

Rev. John Rev. John


How do you evangelize a community? One answer is the Centreville UMC model of inviting children, making them honored guests and teaching them. Rev. Greg Nobles has done just that. He has gathered 5 children (upper elementary) into a confirmation class that meets weekly. The children are asked as a part of the class to bring a notebook to worship and record what happens so they can talk about it in the next class. Now comes the hospitality:  When the youngsters get to a point in the service where they are “stumped.” (It’s things like finding a hymn or the Creed or the Scripture Lesson that slows them up a little, everyone waits for them to catch up!)

Next will come assigning mentors to help with this and matters of faith. Volunteers will be welcome, but if no one volunteers, assignments will be made. It’s everybody’s business. AND it’s really good to hear children in the halls of Centreville Church.