Archives Board

(Standing Rule 32 and ¶641, 2012 Book of Discipline) 

Chairperson:    Rev. Olivia Poole
Vice Chairperson:  Rev. Joe Reams
Recording Secretary/Financial Secretary:  Anthony Leigh
Archivist:  Sharon Tucker
Jason Gregg (12), Lori Moneyham (12), Rev. Joe Reams (16), Nell Gilmer (16), Rev. Olivia Poole (16), Leslie Shannon (16), Brad Norris (16), Gibbs Couch (16)
Ex-Officio Members with Vote:
The Resident Bishop
The Conference Secretary:  Rev. David Saliba
Conference Historian (unless receiving compensation):  Rev. Ed Shirley
Representatives from Huntingdon College:  Anthony Leigh, Eric Kidwell
President of AWFC Historical Society: Jim Young  
Ex-Officio Member without Vote:  Archivist, Sharon Tucker