2019 Charge Conference Forms

Below you will find this year’s Charge Conference Forms. Click the words PDF, Word, or Excel to download the form and fill it out.

SIGNATURES are REQUIRED where a SIGNATURE is requested.  Your charge conference packet/paperwork is not complete unless signatures are on all forms where a signature is required.  

Some forms are mailed directly to the recipient.  Check each form. Contact your district office with any questions. 

Charge Conference Checklist: PDF format

Attendance Record (required):  PDF format  

General Church Forms
Minutes of the Charge Conference (one for EACH church on the charge): PDF format (Question 16:  You can list things such as Imagine No Malaria, White Christmas, etc.) 
Report of the Pastor (to be completed by senior pastors):  PDF format
Report of Trustees (one for each CHURCH on the charge): PDF format
Report of the Committee on Finance (one for each CHURCH on the charge): PDF format (Include a copy of most recent Financial Statement reflecting income, expenditures, and correct balance on ALL funds.)

Alabama-West Florida Conference-Specific Forms
Pastor Compensation Form:  PDF format
*Committee on Nominations and Leadership Development Report (filled out by EACH church): PDF format 
Annual Local Church History Report (one for EACH church on the charge): Word format PDF format
**Certified Lay Servant Annual Report to the Charge Conference Initial Application or Request for Renewal: PDF format
Certified Lay Minister Annual Report to the Charge Conference (filled out if currently a lay minister): PDF format
Lay Speaker Annual Report to the Charge Conference Initial Application or Request for Renewal (filled out if currently a lay speaker): PDF format
Clergy Continuing Education Unit (CEU) Report: Word format PDF format
Safe Sanctuaries Covenant - Each church must have one on file at the district office: Word format PDF format
Campus Ministry Report (if applicable): PDF format  
Annual Report of the Parsonage (required):  Word format PDF format

Additional Forms
Deacon Annual Report Form (if applicable):  PDF format
Appointment To Extension Ministry (if applicable):  PDF format

*Accessing the Local Church Dashboard:  You can update your church information, church leaders by accessing the local church dashboard.  Click HERE for instructions. 
**Those who are contemplating entering the LSM program will begin by taking the basic course and the application to take the course will be approved by their Senior Minister.  No charge conference reporting is needed for someone just considering the program. 
The Certified Lay Servant Report will be used by those who have completed the basic course and one advanced course. 
The Certified Lay Speaker Report will be used by those who have completed all the requirements and have become a Certified Lay Speaker. 
The Certified Lay Minister Report will be used by those who are in the CLM program. 
The Lay Servant and Lay Speaker reports are signed by the Pastor, Layperson, and DS. The charge conference keeps the original and makes 3 copies. One copy goes to the District Superintendent, one copy goes to the District Director of Lay Servant Ministries, and one copy goes to the Layperson. 

For many of these forms, you will need to download the FREE Adobe Reader: 

Need to know how to fill out PDF Forms? Click HERE.

Fund Balance Report 2017- 2020 (Annual Audit)
The Committee on Finance is required to make provision for an annual audit of the records of all the financial officers (including the financial secretary of church, business manager, and treasurers) of the church and all its organizations and shall report to the Charge Conference.  Guidelines for handling of an accountability of funds can be found in the 2017-2020 United Methodist Church Financial Records Handbook and in Guidelines For Leading Your Congregation:  FINANCE available at http://www.cokesbury.com, and The Local Church Audit Guide, available at http://www.umc.org/gcfa.


Click HERE to access the Fund Balance Report.