2018 Licensing School

The 2018 Licensing School will be held the week of April 23-30 at the La Quinta Inn and Suites Hotel in Dothan, AL. 

2018 Licensing School Fees

Members of the AL-West Florida Conference

Registration Fee for All $75

Double Room Lodging (meals included) $250

Single Room  Lodging (meals included) $450

Out of Conference Participants

Double Room Lodging (meals included) $750

Single Room Lodging (meals included) $950

Please note there are work requirements prior to attending Licensing School so please make sure to complete them in advance. You will find a list of these when you begin the registration process.

Registration Deadline 04/06/2018

**Please note that you MUST be a certified candidate and have your District Superintendent's APPROVAL in order to attend**


If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Erika Glawson at erika@awfumc.org.